Nike launches new ODI kit for Team India


Nike, the official apparel sponsors for the Indian cricket teams, are unveiling the team’s new ODI kit ahead of the upcoming ODI series against England, and are launching it with the motto reflecting ‘Self-belief’.
The revamped jersey comes with a set of unique features after taking feedback from players. One of the highlights in the new kit includes ‘4D Quickness’ – a feature that provides multi-directional and multi-dimensional stretch for quickness, along with tuned breathability that helps with temperature regulation to keep athletes cool in trying conditions.
It also boasts of a new feature called, ‘Zero distractions’ which aids in minimizing distractions and maximizing performance on the field.
MS Dhoni, the former India captain, emphasised on the need of fine kits in a challenging environment like that of cricket. “The game has been evolving over the years and the need to have kits that are designed to suit the modern game has always been the priority for the team management and Nike,” Dhoni said. “Features like the 4D quickness and Zero distractions will definitely help the team on the field,” he said.


Virat Kohli, India’s newly appointed limited-overs captain, stirs your emotions like none else, right from running around in the field to speaking about how much he values the tricolour on his chest. “Cricket has taught me everything I know about life. I truly believe that sport helps shape your character as an individual,” Kohli said. “All you need is to believe in yourself. The self-belief that I learnt on the field makes me believe that I can accomplish anything on or off the field.”
India will be taking on England in a three-match ODI series starting January 15 (Sunday) and that would be the first time that the team will sport the new look.



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